About Girls Inc. of Huntsville

Board of Directors


Major Programs

Operation SMART
Girls develop enthusiasm for and skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Through hands-on activities, girls explore, ask questions, persist, and solve problems. By interacting with women and men pursuing STEM careers, girls come to view these careers as exciting and realistic options for themselves.

Google Made with Code Project
An initiative which aims to inspire girls to learn about computer science and to help them see coding as a means to pursue their dream careers. Made with Code helps create new resources specific to coding, which build foundational problem solving, creativity, and communication skills to help girls succeed in any career path.

Girl Start
Girls improve their literacy skills in math and reading by promoting a love of the subjects and providing fun and engaging programming that supports the school-based instruction that girls receive. As a result, participants should improve their math and reading proficiency scores as measured on the Alabama Reading and Mathematics Test.

Sporting Chance
Girls build a foundation for enjoying physical activity, sports, and adventure throughout their lives. Girls develop movement and athletic skills, cooperative and competitive spirit, and healthy habits. They experience the benefits and excitement of taking positive risks that bolster their self- confidence and personal growth.